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Welcome to C1 Advanced English Classes at Thinking in English, where we take your English proficiency to new heights.

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Why Choose C1 Advanced Group Classes?

Explore the advantages of this proficiency level

  • Next-Level Proficiency: C1 Advanced is perfect for learners who want to reach near-native proficiency.
  • Dynamic Group Learning: Engage in collaborative learning and expand your English skills alongside fellow advanced learners.
  • Targeted Skill Enhancement: Our curriculum is designed to refine your English skills for real-world communication.

Class Features

Learn about the features of our C1 Advanced Group Classes

  • Interactive Learning: Participate in engaging and interactive lessons that foster confident English use.
  • Zoom Convenience: Access classes conveniently from anywhere via Zoom.
  • Advanced Topics: Dive into advanced language topics, including complex grammar, nuanced vocabulary, and sophisticated discussions.

What You’ll Learn

Explore the key learning areas in our C1 Advanced Group Classes:

  • Refined Grammar: Deepen your understanding of intricate grammar structures.
  • Advanced Vocabulary: Expand your vocabulary for articulate and precise communication.
  • Fluency and Precision: Achieve fluency and precision in your spoken and written English.

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