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About Nathan

Meet Nathan, your dedicated English instructor with a wealth of expertise:


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Why Choose Nathan’s Classes?

Learn why Nathan’s classes stand out

  • Expertise: Benefit from Nathan’s strong educational background and his passion for teaching.
  • Multilingual Insights: Gain insights from a multilingual instructor who understands the nuances of language learning.
  • Teaching Dedication: Nathan is dedicated to helping you succeed on your language journey.

Nathan’s Classes

Nathan offers a variety of classes perfect for all of you!

Private English Classes

Enjoy the advantages of one-on-one instruction, customized to your goals and interests.

Nathan tailors each class to your unique needs, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

Nathan’s classes offer flexibility in scheduling to accommodate your busy life. All lessons are conducted via Zoom, providing a convenient and interactive learning environment.

Expect engaging and interactive lessons that make learning enjoyable.

30 Minute Class

Perfect for those with a busy schedule!

60 Minute Class

Perfect for in-depth language learning


Group Classes

Experience the benefits of collaborative learning in Nathan’s Group Classes, carefully designed to cater to your language goals and interests.

In these group sessions, Nathan combines interactive lessons with a personalized touch, ensuring that each participant gets the most out of every class.

Our Group Classes also offer flexibility in scheduling, accommodating your busy lifestyle. Join the sessions conveniently from anywhere as all lessons take place via Zoom, providing an engaging and interactive online learning environment.

Nathan’s passion for teaching and expertise in linguistics create a dynamic atmosphere, where you and your fellow learners embark on a collective language journey, discovering the joy of learning together.

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30 Minute Class

60 Minute Class

Group Class


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