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Welcome to the world of Patreon benefits designed exclusively for the dedicated listeners of the Thinking in English podcast.

Patreon is the best way to support our podcast and unlock a range of exceptional benefits and rewards tailored to intermediate and advanced English learners like you.

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Patreon Benefits

Conversation Clubs

Elevate your speaking prowess with Conversation Clubs, where you’ll participate in small group sessions led by professional English teachers, refining your skills and boosting confidence.

1-1 Conversations with Tom

English Master subscribers can access the exclusive opportunity of monthly 1-1 Conversations with Tom, the visionary behind the podcast, discussing topics of your choice.

Group English Classes

Delve into the transformative Group English Classes, receiving direct guidance from a qualified teacher in dynamic, small-group settings.

Bonus Episodes

Gain access to over 50 exclusive bonus episodes, each with full transcripts, where you’ll explore niche English grammar, vocabulary, personal topics, and behind-the-scenes content.

Discord Community

Engage in a vibrant Discord community, offering a multitude of rooms, expert Q&A sessions, AI-powered chatbot practice, and interactive events to connect with fellow learners.

Interactive Podcasts

Immerse yourself further with Interactive Podcasts that enable simultaneous reading and listening, accelerating comprehension and fluency.

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Patreon is your key to a comprehensive, personalized English learning journey that goes beyond traditional podcast content.

Join us now and unlock a world of benefits that invigorate your language growth, foster connections, and amplify your English fluency.

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