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If you’re an intermediate or advanced English learner seeking a unique opportunity to connect with the mind behind the Thinking in English podcast, you’re in the right place! 

The Thinking in English podcast proudly presents 1-1 Conversations with Tom – an intimate chance to engage in personalised discussions with the driving force behind your favourite show.

Introducing: 1-1 Conversations with Tom – Your Exclusive Insight into the Podcast Creator’s Mind!

With a 1-1 Conversation, you gain unprecedented access to Tom from Thinking in English – a unique opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, share ideas, and strengthen your connection to the podcast and its creator.


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The power of personalised interaction is immeasurable. Our 1-1 Conversations with Tom offer you a front-row seat to engage with the man behind Thinking in English.

This is your chance to delve deeper into language nuances, exchange thoughts, and explore subjects close to your heart.

Meet Tom

Tom Wilkinson

Hello! I’m Tom Wilkinson and welcome to the Thinking in English blog. I am the founder, writer, host, researcher, editor, publisher, and more of the Thinking in English podcast.

I started Thinking in English to help provide English learners with high quality, academic, and interesting content. The aim is to learn in English by thinking about history, politics, current events, science, and much more!

I love learning languages (Japanese and Chinese), drinking coffee, reading books, studying, and working to make Thinking in English bigger and better!

Exclusivity and Expertise:

This exclusive benefit is reserved for English Master subscribers, the select few who are dedicated to taking their English proficiency to the highest level.

Benefit from Tom’s expertise, insights, and guidance as you navigate a personalized conversation tailored to your interests and language aspirations.

Talk About Anything

This is your platform to discuss anything you desire.

Whether it’s language-related queries, podcast insights, cultural nuances, or your personal English learning journey, the 1-1 Conversations are your opportunity to engage in an unfiltered dialogue with the creator himself.

Empower your language learning journey by joining our English Master subscription tier and unlocking the transformative power of 1-1 Conversations.

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Only English Master subscribers can take 1-1 Conversation with Tom!

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