Exclusive Discord Server

Discord Server Exclusive to Thinking in English Patreon Members!

If you’re an intermediate or advanced English learner seeking an engaging and supportive environment to enhance your language skills, you’re in the right place.

The Thinking in English podcast is proud to introduce you to our Patreon-only Discord server – a vibrant community full of resources and events!

Introducing: Discord

At Thinking in English, we’re more than just a podcast; we’re a community of passionate learners, led by the shared goal of mastering the English language.

With access to our Discord, we’re taking community interaction to a whole new level, allowing you to connect, learn, and grow with fellow English enthusiasts from around the world.

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform that offers voice, video, and text chat capabilities, commonly used by communities, gamers, and interest groups to connect and interact in real-time. It provides a space for organized discussions, sharing content, and fostering community engagement.

Think of it as Zoom mixed with chat rooms and forums!


Why Join the Thinking in English Discord?

Your language journey thrives in the company of others. Our Discord community hosts hundreds of English learners, offering you a supportive environment that nurtures your progress.

Whether you’re looking to discuss episodes, meet like-minded individuals, or collaborate on study groups, Discord provides the platform to make these connections meaningful.

Rooms for Every Interest

We have many channels dedicated to sharing information about language learning and Thinking in English.

Engage in vibrant discussions about episodes, explore specialized chat rooms, and gain exclusive access to Q&A sessions with Tom from Thinking in English, where your language queries find expert solutions.

A screenshot of my Discord server!

AI-Powered Practice

Practice your language skills with an AI-powered English chatbot designed to let you communicate in English privately and at any time!

Conversations with the chatbot are designed to enhance your writing, comprehension, and vocabulary in a dynamic, interactive way.

I use the Memrise Discord bot in my server!

Events that Empower

Discord opens the door to an array of events tailored to your learning needs.

Engage in Conversation Clubs for real-time language practice, participate in Q&A sessions with podcast creators, and even organize your events.

This is a space where you can actively shape your language learning journey.

Who Can Join the Thinking in English Discord?

English Learner, Lover and Master subscribers can join the Thinking in English Discord!

Become a Patron!


Experience the power of community interaction and access to a wealth of resources by subscribing to our Patreon tiers.

Join the Community and gain Discord Access to amplify your English learning journey with Thinking in English. Connect with learners worldwide, unlock AI-powered practice, and participate in events that elevate your language proficiency.

Let’s come together, converse, learn, and celebrate the joy of language mastery through the Thinking in English Discord community. 

Stay connected, stay empowered, and keep Thinking in English!