Group English Classes

Very Affordable Group English Lessons for Patreon Subscribers

If you’re an intermediate or advanced English learner, the Thinking in English Patreon is your gateway to immersive language experiences.

I’m excited to unveil our Group English Classes – an opportunity to receive expert guidance, focused learning, and direct feedback from a qualified English teacher.

Introducing: Group English Classes

At Thinking in English, we recognize that language mastery goes beyond listening to podcasts.

Our Group English Classes provide a structured, comprehensive approach to learning English under the direct guidance of a seasoned English teacher.

This is your chance to hone your skills, receive immediate feedback, and invest in your language future.

Patreon Tiers and Group English Classes

English Master

English Master subscribers receive 1 Group English Class a month as part of your membership.

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English Lover

English Lover subscribers receive 2 Group English Class a month as part of your membership.

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English Listeners and English Learners

English Listener and Learner subscriber receive discounts for Group English Classes as part of your membership.

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Non-patrons can also book group classes! They cost $15 a sessions, with discount available for package bookings.

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English Masters and Lovers receive free codes each month!

Why Choose Group English Classes?

True language proficiency demands dedicated focus and expert guidance. Our Group English Classes are thoughtfully designed to provide an interactive, personalized, and dynamic learning environment.

Perfect for those who are committed to advancing their English skills and are ready to invest in their language journey.

Group Classes are part of English Lover and Master tier benefits, and can also be purchased by non-Patrons here!

Expert-Led Learning:

Led by a qualified English teacher with a CELTA qualification and a degree in linguistics, our Group English Classes offer a great learning experience.

Benefit from our insights and lessons designed to enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and overall language skills.


BA German and Linguistics

Nathan is an English teacher and a language nerd! He is fluent in German and can speak some Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian/ Ukrainian. he loves editing videos for the podcast.

Immediate Feedback and Interaction

Get the advantage of immediate feedback and interaction with the teacher and fellow students. Ask questions, clarify doubts, and receive constructive guidance to refine your language skills in real time.

Research shows immediate feedback is one of the most effective learning tools, and our classes achieve this!

Structured Curriculum:

Our classes are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

All lessons are conducted on Zoom, with interactive video lessons lasting 45 minutes.

Small group sizes (2 – 5 students) ensure personalized attention, fostering an environment conducive to active participation and growth.

Empower your language journey with our Patreon tiers and experience the expert-led learning in Group English Classes.

Who Can Join Group Classes as Part of Their Patreon Benefits?

English Lover and Master subscribers receive Group Classes each month!

Become a Patron!

Join now to invest in your English future with Thinking in English’s Group English Classes.

Join fellow learners, elevate your language proficiency, and immerse yourself in an environment that nurtures growth and expertise.

Stay engaged, stay empowered, and keep Thinking in English!