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Interactive Podcasts Exclusively for Thinking in English Patreon Subscribers!

If you’re an intermediate or advanced English learner, Thinking in English is the perfect place to continue your language learning journey!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our Interactive Podcasts, available exclusively to our valued patrons.

Introducing: Interactive Podcasts

I’m committed to shaping the way you experience language education and making your podcast listening experience as beneficial as possible.

My Interactive Podcasts are a ground-breaking feature that allow you to actively engage with the content, enriching your understanding and perfecting your language skills like never before.

Why Use Interactive Podcasts?

Learning a language is more than just listening; it’s about active engagement.

Interactive Podcasts allow you to read and listen simultaneously, increasing your comprehension and retention.

As you follow the words along while listening, you’re engaged in a powerful technique known as shadowing, a proven method for enhancing pronunciation, fluency, and overall language proficiency.

Transcripts for Precision Learning

Interactive Podcasts come equipped with auto-scrolling transcripts that seamlessly synchronize with the audio.

With each word highlighted as it’s spoken, you effortlessly bridge the gap between spoken and written language, deepening your grasp of vocabulary, intonation, and sentence structure.

Example of an Interactive Transcript

Master the Art of Shadowing

Interactive Podcasts are more than just an educational tool; they’re your personal language lab.

As words appear in real-time, you’re prompted to mimic my rhythm and pace, developing your pronunciation and cadence.

The immersive nature of shadowing accelerates your language progress, transforming you into a confident English speaker.

Comprehensive Comprehension

Enhance your listening comprehension by visually following the audio’s progression. The Interactive Podcasts not only engage your eyes and ears for heightened learning but also enable you to grasp the context and flow of each sentence.

Take your English learning beyond passive consumption.

Unlock the transformative potential of Interactive Podcasts by becoming a valued patron of the Thinking in English podcast.

Who Can Access Interactive Transcripts?

All Patreon subscribers can Access Interactive Transcripts!

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