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What is Patreon?

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Patreon is a platform that connects creators and audiences, providing a unique space for you to support content you love.

At its core, Patreon enables creators, like us at Thinking in English, to offer tiers of exclusive content and benefits to our valued supporters in exchange for their support.

It’s more than just a subscription service; it’s a way for us to interact and help each other grow and develop!

Understanding Patreon Tiers

The Thinking in English currently has 4 tiers: English Listener, English Learner, English Lover, and English Master.

Each tier represents a different level of access and benefits, designed to meet your language learning needs and aspirations.

This page is introducing the English Listener Tier!

Benefits of Becoming an English Listener

Bonus Episodes

There are now over 50 exclusive Patreon episodes, with a new one released every Friday! My meticulously crafted bonus content covers a variety of subjects, from niche English grammar to expanding your vocabulary.

I often cover topics not usually available in main episodes, such as personal anecdotes and stories from my life, insights into Thinking in English and our team, and subjects directly chosen and recommend by you!

Each episode comes with a transcript, and can be listened to on Spotify, any podcast platform that accepts a custom RSS feed, and Patreon itself!

Here are some recent Bonus Episodes

As a subscriber to the “English Listener” tier, you gain full access to these episodes.

Interactive Transcripts

I understand that learning is at its best when it’s immersive and engaging. With my interactive transcripts, you can read and listen simultaneously, allowing you to grasp the rhythm, tone, and nuances of spoken English.

Following along with the transcript as you listen will solidify your understanding of pronunciation and context, making you a more confident and adept communicator.

These transcripts are available for all recent podcast episodes (main and bonus episodes) and can be found on the normal transcripts!

Interactive transcripts are ideal if you want to practice shadowing or improve your comprehension.

An Example Interactive Transcript

As a subscriber to the “English Listener” tier, you gain full access to these transcripts.

Support the Podcast:

By joining the “English Listener” tier, you’re not only investing in your own growth but also in the future of the Thinking in English podcast.

Your support is essential so I can continue producing high-quality content, conducting in-depth research, and continuously improving the podcast for the entire community.

Every single contribution from my patrons gives me motivation and joy!

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