University Application Proofreading, Editing, and Advice

University Application Help For Non-Native English Speakers!

Are you writing a university application and personal statement in English?

Are you applying for a university in the UK?

Interested in taking a master’s or undergraduate degree in English but don’t know where to start?

Need some help preparing for an application or interview?

Thinking in English and Thomas Brock can help!

Thinking in English Proofreading!

We have partnered together to offer incredible deals on University application proofreading, CV/resume checking, interview practice, and consultations.

As both experienced proof-readers and professional English teachers, we are experts at helping non-native English speakers tweak and perfect their university applications.

  • We can format applications, personal statements, research proposals and CVs in styles suitable for English speaking universities.
  • We can turn your applications into engaging reads full of active vocabulary and strong points
  • We understand the common challenges and mistakes made by non-native speakers in academic interviews
  • And we are experts in understanding, analysing, and reshaping non-native speakers’ words into the perfect text!

We can help with writing the perfect personal statement, in-depth research proposals, profession CVs, and engaging applications.

We can train and guide you through the university interview process by providing resources, advice, practice sessions, and lots of immediate feedback.

If you don’t know where to start, we can provide you with a 1-1 introductory workshop answering every question you have!

Whatever your needs, we can help! Find the right option for you from the services below.

Services We Offer

ProofreadingApplication ConsultationInterview Practice
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Proofreading: University Applications

Make your university application and personal statements stand out with perfect English, clear and concise language and an effective format.

What you get

✓ Correction of mistakes in grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

✓ Formatting suggestions to maximise readability.

✓ Improved language for impact and clarity.

✓ Fast turnaround times.

✓ Optional consultation for in-person feedback.

Application Consultation

Applying to a university, but don’t know where to start? Book a 45-minute consultation to get started.

In this 1-1 consultation you will get:

✓ Advice on how and where to apply to university in the UK.

✓ A personal workshop on how to write your university personal statements, CVs, and research proposals

✓ Resources and materials on best practices in university applications

✓ 45 minutes of English-speaking practice!

Interview Preparation

Applying to a new job or university and having an interview in English? Book a 45-minute practice interview now!

What you get:

✓ Advice on how to present yourself for interview.

✓ A personal workshop on how to answer any question in an academic interview.

✓ Resources and materials on best practices for interviewing

✓ 45 minutes of English-speaking practice!

✓ Feedback on your mistakes, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Complete Job Application Package

Get the ultimate support you need for your university application!

What you get:

✓ A consultation to help you choose the right university and create your application from scratch.

✓ As many personal statement or other document checks as you need.

✓ Proofreading feedback and revisions.

✓ An interview practice session tailored to you and your new field.

✓ General support and query-answering.

✓ Access to a number of resources on best practices in university applications

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