Little Red Riding Hood, illustration

Today, I want to read another classic fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm.

This is the original Brothers Grimm version I found on the Project Gutenberg website, so it might be a little different to the Disney story that you've heard before.

Let's get straight in to Little Red Cap.  

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By Tom Wilkinson

Host and founder of Thinking in English, Tom is committed to providing quality and interesting content to all English learners. Previously a research student at a top Japanese university and with a background in English teaching, political research, and Asian languages, Tom is now working fulltime on bettering Thinking in English!

2 thoughts on “Little Red Cap (Bonus Episode)”
  1. Thank you for the stor, Tom! Never heard about the 2nd wolf section before 🙂 I really love the way you are reading the stories, I feel that it is so theatrical. Sherlock Holmes stories can really be enjoyable to follow with some challenging vocabulary.

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