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Hello! Welcome to Thinking in English, thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoy my content! Thinking in English is a podcast and blog aimed at intermediate to advanced English learners. After countless students complained to me about finding accessible and suitable resources to help reach the next level in their language learning journey, I decided to do something about it myself.

The basic principle behind Thinking in English is that I want you all to develop the ability to “think” using English, “contemplate” different ideas in a foreign language, and perhaps even “learn” in English. In fact – that is a really important point. Once you get to an advanced level of English, studying “English” is no longer the best way to improve. I know from personal experience that textbooks, language podcasts, and even most language teachers are not particuarly good at introducing advanced topics.

Do you want to learn how to talk about introductions, hobbies, or what you did on the weekend. Or do you want to learn how to talk about why the Taliban retook Afghanistan, whether the death penalty should still be used, and how humanity conquered the smallpox disease!! Well…. if you think the second option sounds better, Thinking in English is for YOU!!

Each week, I release episodes on topics ranging from politics, international relations, and economics, to current affairs, science, and advanced vocabulary. Each episode is written using an advanced/native level of English, but delivered with clear pronunciation. You also have access to a full transcript, and the most difficult vocabulary is defined before each episode!

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About me!

My name is Tom Wilkinson and I am the founder of Thinking in English. I started this podcast because I want English students around the world to have more variety in study materials. I was born and raised in the UK, but since graduating from university I have lived in rural Japan, London, Taiwan, and now I’m back in Tokyo! I can speak Japanese and a little Chinese, and in the future I would love to spend more time becoming fluent in a variety of languages.

As well as podcaster and blogger, I am a research student at a university in Tokyo and teach occasionally online. I have a MSc in Asian Politics, with a focus on Japanese and Taiwanese multiculturalism, international relations, and domestic politics. Since first visiting Asia in 2014, the region has become a big part of my life – I love the food, the people, the weather (sometimes), and learning about new cultures. HOWEVER, I would love to travel to every country (Why not invite me to your country?? I might say yes!!).

Although my life is generally busy with research, podcasting, and studying Japanese, I make sure I drink a cup of coffee everyday, travel to new areas, and try to eat as much as possible!

My Experience

I was an English teacher in Japan for 2 years between 2016 and 2018, teaching elementary and junior high school English classes. I am also an online English tutor for Cambly, and TEFL qualified through MyTEFL.


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