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202. Why Did Jacinda Ardern Resign as Prime Minister of New Zealand? (English Vocabulary Lesson) Thinking in English

  1. 202. Why Did Jacinda Ardern Resign as Prime Minister of New Zealand? (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  2. 201. How Did We Fix the Ozone Layer? (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  3. 200. What is Quiet Quitting?: KEY Workplace Vocabulary Terms From 2022 (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  4. 199. The Wealthiest People in History! (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  5. 198. Who was the Richest Person in History? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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Meet the Team

Tom Wilkinson

Hello! I’m Tom Wilkinson and welcome to the Thinking in English blog. I am the founder, writer, host, researcher, editor, publisher, and more of the Thinking in English podcast.

I started Thinking in English to help provide English learners with high quality, academic, and interesting content . The aim is to learn in English by thinking about history, politics, current events, science, and much more!

I love learning languages (Japanese and Chinese), drinking coffee, reading books, studying, and working to make Thinking in English bigger and better!


BA German and Linguistics

Nathan is an English teacher and a language nerd! He is fluent in German and can speak some Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian/ Ukrainian. he loves editing videos for the podcast.


BA Classics
PGCE Ed. Latin and Classics

Thomas is an English teacher passionate about languages, both alive and dead! He is fascinated by the written word and deeply interested in how we express our ideas and thoughts.

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