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Why Should You Join Thinking in English?

Conversation Club and Discord!

Every single subscriber will have the chance and opportunity to join the Thinking in the English discord community. We will be hosting discussions about the podcasts, study rooms, recommendations, and general chat!

Moreover, we are planning on offering weekly conversation clubs run and facilitated by professional English teachers. Join, practice your conversation skills, learn new vocabulary, and try to think in English!

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Thinking in English Discord

Full and Unedited Interviews

Every single subscriber will also be able to listen to the full, unedited, and long interviews and conversations I conduct. Usually I release only around 25 minute episodes with my guests – but that doesn’t mean we only talk for 25 minutes. Usually it is closer to 45 or even and hour of conversation.

By listening to the unedited episodes you will hear a more natural style of conversation, some interesting extra content, and be able to listen to any mistakes I usually try to remove!

Screenshot from Thinking in English Patreon
The full conversation with Honoka

Bonus Episodes

Do you want to hear bonus episodes? Then join the English Lover or English Master tiers of the Patreon. I will be talking about more personal, anecdotal, and informal topics over on Patreon. And you will be able to request topics as well!

Want to hear about my travels? Want to learn why I moved to Japan? Want to discover my recommended books and podcasts? These are the kind of episodes I will be releasing on Patreon. And don’t worry – you will still get vocabulary lists and transcripts!

A preview of the bonus episodes available on the Patreon!

1-1 English Classes With Me

The top tier English Masters will receive a one hour English class every month as part of their subscription. I don’t teach much English anymore, so if you want 1-1 classes this is the best way to guarantee time with me.

We can do anything you want during the class. A free conversation, reading articles, checking a resume, giving advice on university applications, playing game… whatever you like!

There are a limited spaces in this tier – so don’t wait to subscribe!

Behind the Scenes, QnAs, and Much More!

By joining the Patreon you can access even more bonus content. You will be able to see behind the scenes of making a podcast. You will be able to ask questions, help decide podcast topics, and talk with me on discord. And in the future, we might offer even more things!

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