Thomas Brock, our resident travelling English teacher has moved again from Croatia to Montenegro. As the weekend that just passed is Easter, Thomas enjoyed a trip with some friends to the mountains! Read, learn some new vocabulary, and practise English!

Vocabulary List

Pack up: to put things into containers so that you can take or send them away.

Charming: pleasant and attractive.

Cliff: a high area of rock with a very steep side.

Spectacular: very exciting to look at.

Scenic: having or showing beautiful natural surroundings.

Cosy: comfortable and pleasant, especially (of a building) because of being small and warm.

Cute: (especially of something or someone small or young) pleasant and attractive.

Heavy-duty: designed to be strong enough to do very difficult work for a long time.

Some cliffs off of the coast of Ireland. Photo from Kelly on
A warm pair of socks and a hot cup of tea makes for a cosy feeling. Photo from Pixabay on

Žabljak, Montenegro

Another week goes by and another blog post apology comes out! I apologise again for the lack of a post last week. Last week I was in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where I stayed for a month. This week I am in Budva, Montenegro, where I will be for most of the summer.

These last few weeks have been very exciting but also very busy. As you know I have been working hard on teaching my first ever course, but also I am taking on new students and packing up all my things for yet another monthly move.

Before I had time to get comfortable in Budva I set out with some friends to a small village in the mountains of Montenegro. In the North of the country, inland from the Adriatic coast, you can find Žabljak, a charming little village surrounded by hills and cliffs.

Near this village is a lake, the black lake, or Crno Jezero.

We drove for about three hours along the winding roads, through small towns and villages, always accompanied by spectacular views. Montenegro really is a beautiful country. One of my personal highlights is the Skadar Lake National Park, located near to the country’s capital, Podgorica.

I will share more of my photos of this wonderfully scenic country as I take them.

The reason (as if we needed one) for this trip was Easter. Montenegro is a Christian Orthodox country in the majority, and so they celebrate Easter, but they celebrate it a week later than I am used to in the UK. As it was Easter we ate a traditional sweet bread called kulich, we painted eggs, and we even had a chocolate easter egg hunt. 

This trip was very enjoyable. It was relaxing, cosy and cute.

We stayed in a small wooden cabin with some heavy-duty heating (it was pretty cold outside). There were horses and dogs to greet us and some adventurous roads that we tried to drive up.

Enjoying local cuisine is one of my favourite pastimes and this trip made no exception. We ate at two local restaurants and they did not disappoint. The only real disappointment was not being able to drive up to the highest point of the Durmitor area. 

Now I have an excuse to go back!

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By Thomas Brock

Hi I'm Thomas and I'm an English language teacher and editor. I teach English to adults from all over the world. I focus on written English and on conversational English. I also edit written English in a number of different fields and areas. When I'm not teaching I'm travelling as much as I can, cooking new dishes, and trying hard to play and watch sports.

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