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This week the ‘Thinking in English’ Community is talking about the recent internet phenomenon of ‘Barbenheimer’

These two big-budget films from acclaimed directors and with star-filled casts hit the cinemas on the very same day. There has been some controversy over the marketing of these films already.

While they seem like very different films, many film fans have taken to the internet to show their enthusiasm and support, not for their favourite, but for both of these films.

Here are 10 conversation questions to get you talking about Barbie and Oppenheimer!

Conversation Questions: Barbenheimer

1. Will you be watching ‘Barbie’, ‘Oppenheimer’, or both of these new films? Why/Why not?

2. Why do you think these two films are so popular?

3. Do you often like going to the cinema, why/why not? 

4. What is your favourite film genre?

5. Does the success of these two films show cinemas are still popular?

6. Is a film a good way to introduce a political or philosophical issue?

7. The promotion of these films has been controversial. Is it important to avoid controversy when making and promoting films?

8. Is feminism an important topic in society today?

9. Are nuclear weapons an important topic in society today?

10. “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” 

—  J. Robert Oppenheimer (From the Bhagavad-Gita)

Why do you think Oppenheimer said this?

Vocabulary List:

  • Genre
    • a style, especially in the arts, that involves a particular set of characteristics
  • Issue
    • a subject or problem that people are thinking and talking about
  • Controversy
    • a lot of disagreement or argument about something, usually because it affects or is important to many people
  • Feminism
    • the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state
  • Nuclear weapons
    • a bomb or missile that uses nuclear energy to cause an explosion.
Feminism is a popular social movement around the world today. Photo from Rosemary Ketchum on
An explosion caused by a nucular weapon. Photo from Pixabay on

Model Answers:

B1 (Intermediate) Model Answers


  • Review
    • If critics review a book, play, film, etc. they write their opinion of it
  • Critic
    • someone whose job is to give their opinion about something, especially films, books, music, etc.
  • Entertaining
    • funny and enjoyable
  • Excitement
    •  A feeling of strong feelings of happiness and enthusiasm
  • Suspense
    • the feeling of excitement or nervousness that you have when you are waiting for something to happen and are uncertain about what it is going to be
  • Stunt
    • an exciting action, usually in a film, that is dangerous or appears dangerous and usually needs to be done by someone skilled
  • Scene
    • a part of a play or film in which the action stays in one place for a continuous period of time
  • Thoughtfulness
    • the quality of being kind and thinking about other people’s needs
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B2 (Upper Intermediate) Model Answers


  • compelling
    • If a reason, argument, etc. is compelling, it makes you believe it or accept it because it is so strong
  • Drawn
    • to be attracted in attention or interest
  • Buzz
    • excited, usually positive, talk about something or someone
  • Streaming
    • the activity of listening to or watching sound or video directly from the internet
  • Atmosphere
    • the character, feeling, or mood of a place or situation
  • Replicate
    • to make or do something again in exactly the same way
  • Undeniably
    • certainly true
  • Perpetuate
    • to cause something to continue
  • Advocacy
    • public support for an idea, plan, or way of doing something
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C1 (Advanced Level) Model Answers


  • Frequently
    • often
  • Captivating
    • holding your attention by being extremely interesting, exciting, pleasant, or attractive
  • Enhance
    • to improve the quality, amount, or strength of something
  • Provoke
    • to cause a reaction, especially a negative one
  • Medium
    • a method or way of expressing something
  • Narrative
    • a story or a description of a series of events
  • Disarmament
    • the act of taking away or giving up weapons
  • Non-proliferation
    • the controlling of the spread and/or amount of something, especially nuclear or chemical weapons
  • Humanitarian
    • involved in or connected with improving people’s lives and reducing suffering
  • Imperative
    • extremely important or urgent
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See you all at this week’s conversation club!

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