Conversation Clubs

Thinking in English Conversation Clubs for Patreon Subscribers!

If you’re an intermediate or advanced English learner seeking to amplify your speaking skills and engage in meaningful conversations, you’re in for a treat.

The Thinking in English podcast proudly presents our Conversation Clubs – a powerful platform to practice speaking, connect with fellow learners, and foster your English fluency.

Introducing: Conversation Clubs – Your Path to Confident English Speaking!

At Thinking in English, we’re dedicated to providing more than just content; we’re committed to fostering connections and accelerating your English proficiency.

With our Conversation Clubs, you have the exclusive opportunity to engage in structured, guided conversations that enhance your speaking skills and build your confidence.

Why Join the Thinking in English Conversation Clubs?

Language fluency comes from active practice and interaction.

Our Conversation Clubs provide precisely that – a platform to practice speaking regularly, sharpen your communication skills, and connect with fellow English learners who share your passion for mastering the language.

Structured Learning Experience

Each week, our professional English teachers curate unique conversation topics, offering something for everyone.

From thought-provoking discussions to light-hearted chats, you’ll engage in diverse conversations that enrich your vocabulary, refine your grammar, and boost your overall fluency.

Example Conversation Club Topics

Our conversation club take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm, 6pm and 9pm UK time! You can join as many times a week as you’d like.

Here are a few example topics!

Small Groups for Maximum Impact:

In our Conversation Clubs, you’ll be grouped with 3 or 4 fellow members to ensure ample speaking opportunities.

This intimate setup allows you to actively contribute, stay involved in conversations, and immerse yourself in an environment that nurtures growth.

Even when we have large numbers of members join, we split everyone into small and manageable groups!

Guided by Experts

Our professional English teachers supervise and guide each session. They move through the different groups, solving issues, joining in conversations, and providing feedback and comments!

Their expertise ensures that conversations remain engaging, relevant, and productive. Benefit from their insights and practice with purpose.

Empower your English journey by joining our Patreon tiers and embracing the immersive experience of Conversation Clubs.

Here are the conversation club leaders!

Who Can Join the Thinking in English Conversation Clubs?

English Learner, Lover and Master subscribers can join the Thinking in English Conversation Clubs!

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Let’s converse, connect, and advance together on the path to mastering English through meaningful interactions.

Stay engaged, stay fluent, and keep Thinking in English