Animal Farm by George Orwell

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This week’s Thinking in English book of the week is Animal Farm by George Orwell. The book is also available as a graded reader (a book designed to help English learners practice and develop reading skills.

I am a massive fan of George Orwell, and if you enjoy reading Animal Farm I really recommend you also check out his book 1984. I guess Animal Farm would be best described as a Political satire, as it uses animals to tell a political story!

Animal farm tells the story of a group of farm animals. Unhappy with their treatment by their human farmer, the animals decide to rebel and eventually have a successful revolution. The plan is to create a society for animals, where all of the the farm’s inhabitants can be happy, free, and equal.

Unfortunately, the revolution doesn’t go quite to plan and the animal’s society doesn’t improve!

If the plot of Animal Farm sounds familiar to you… that’s becuase it is a parody of the events of the Russian Revolution. I think it is an excellent way to understand such an important historical event and read a well written work of fiction

This book is available as a level 3 graded reader! The graded reader is A2 in the CEFR framework and sentences have up to three clauses. It introduces grammar including first condition, past continuous, and present perfect simple!

If this is too easy for you, why not try the original native English version?


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Are you going to read the book? What books do you recommend for English learners? Let us know in the comments!

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