a silhouette of the itsukushima shrine in japan

By Tom Wilkinson

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One thought on “Five Best Places I’ve Visited (and Why I Visited)! (Bonus Episode)”
  1. Amazing places. Thank you for sharing Tom. I have never thought to visit Far East, however, particularly Taiwan awakened my curiosity.

    I havent travelled that much, just 7 or 8 destinations around globe. However, I liked these zones so much! Cronologically spectacular destinations that I enjoyed and would like to visit again 🙂 Here they are:

    1- Prague- It is like a model city; with its very well preserved architecture; scale and streetscape sorrrounded with significant landmarks. In every perspective it is full of history and its traditional background is well-reflected to cultural life such as music-art exhbitions in the streets or churches, etc. It seems to me as colorful, lively and culturally vibrant landscape, beers are wonderful 🙂

    2- Barcelona- Spatially, I liked its urban planning tradition, with the demolition of some historical buildings, famous urban planner of the late 1800’s Ildefons Cerda did design the city while putting extraordinary diagonals within the perfect grid system which is still given as an significant urban planning example in many planning schools. Gaudi’s architectural wonders can seperately be a reason to visit Barcelona. Hence, city’s famous La Rambla and its culturally vibrant life, sincere and cosy people are the main things that impressed me as well.

    3- Havana- I visited Havana in 2007 before Castro’s death. City was awesome such in a feeling that your are walking in a 1945’s film scene. With old cars, Batista’s period wealthy show-off large apartment buildings, this scenery creates an interesting contrast with its historical cityscape. Lack of opportunities can be seen-I am not sure whether this can be called poverty- around but the happiness of people can still be felt as they have free health-culture-education-music-dance and freedom in their life. This can be one of the the most striking experiences for me.

    4- Santorini Island- is like from another world, almost has no trees, just black or red rocky sand beaches. As a caldera- volcanic mouth, the crescent shape of the island shows splendid scenery, especially in the sunsets. I think it’s mesmerising! On top of that, life on the island is just white with its facades and organic streets, the village is located like gorgeous acropol or necklace that perfectly matches with the topography.

    5- Carian and Lycian Coastal Hiking Trails- Mugla_ I have been living here since 2011 and I have experienced some sections in Gokova and Fethiye. However, it is almost 540 km  So there can always be a new discovery route to walk and experience this perfect combination of nature and archaeology😻

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