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By Tom Wilkinson

Host and founder of Thinking in English, Tom is committed to providing quality and interesting content to all English learners. Previously a research student at a top Japanese university and with a background in English teaching, political research, and Asian languages, Tom is now working fulltime on bettering Thinking in English!

2 thoughts on “Tom’s Ask Me Anything (part 1)”
  1. Teacher, a big fan of fiction, I have read dozens and dozens of English novels. However, when it comes to expressing myself in writing, all the nice sentence structures and typical collocations in English I have read do not come into my mind. Can you propose a remedy please? How can I write the type of sentences professional writers craft?

    Muhammad Hanif

  2. Hi Tom, I am supprised that you also learn Chinese, as a Chinese learner, I would like to recommend Chinese Pod, it has podcast free of charge on Spotify, and a platform online with transcript, translation and practicing materials, at $29/month (no promotion :).
    Thanks alot Thinking in English Team.
    Harley (from Viet Nam).

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