By Thomas Brock

Hi I'm Thomas and I'm an English language teacher and editor. I teach English to adults from all over the world. I focus on written English and on conversational English. I also edit written English in a number of different fields and areas. When I'm not teaching I'm travelling as much as I can, cooking new dishes, and trying hard to play and watch sports.

6 thoughts on “Conversation Club: Nature”
  1. Is conversation club free for patreons?
    How many conversation sesions can a patreon do per week?

    1. Hello! The conversation club is available to Patreon members ($10 or higher a month) and you can attend as many clubs a week as you’d like – as well as our study groups, free chats, listen to bonus episodes, and more!

      1. Hi Ale! You need to be a member of our Patreon to join conversation clubs – you can click the links on the site to sign up (it is just $10 a month)

  2. Hello! I want to join the conversation club. But I have a problem about the payment. I am from Turkey but now I work in Japan as a visitor researcher in dentistry faculty. And I don’t know why I couldn’t pay the charge by my visa credit card. I couldn’t use it for my other online shoppings in Japan. However, I use this credit card in the real shopping centers in Japan. If there is a another payment method that you offer me, I feel very happy. Thank you so much for your podcasts.

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