Thinking in English is taking a short vacation! There will be NO CONVERSATION CLUBS on Tuesday 2nd May and Thursday 4th May.

I am current in Japan and have important meetings and appointments next week in Tokyo; Thomas is heading back to the UK to see his family; and Nathan hasn’t taken a break for months!

We WILL be back on Tuesday 9th May with our conversation clubs (and potentially NEW EVENTS TOO).

In fact, we have run 6 conversation clubs a week, every week, since the beginning of the year. That is 17 weeks and 102 conversation clubs so far in 2023!

We have discussed everything from success to inventions – you can take a look at previous topics, vocabulary, and example answers on the blog.

Hundreds of you have joined and we are amazed at the improvements, progress, and confidence all of you have gained over the past weeks and months. Whether you have joined every week since last July, or you are brand new to the Patreon – THANK YOU!

What to do instead of conversation club?

Listen to a Thinking in English Episode

There are hundreds of episodes of Thinking in English… listen to a few extra episodes next week while waiting for the conversation clubs to come back!

238. How to Learn from Failure and Mistakes? (English Vocabulary Lesson) Thinking in English

  1. 238. How to Learn from Failure and Mistakes? (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  2. 237. What is a Failed State? (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  3. 236. What is the 10,000 Hour Rule? (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  4. 235. Why is Hollywood on Strike?: Hollywood Writer’s Strike Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  5. 234. How Did India Become the Most Populous Country? (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  6. 233. How to Speak Confidently in English?
  7. 232. What is the Best Method to Improve Your English Reading Ability?
  8. 231. Unique Coronation Traditions From Around the World! (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  9. 230. What is King Charles’ Coronation? (English Vocabulary Lesson)
  10. 229. Thinking Long-Term: The Key to Successful Language Learning?

Take an English Class…

… with Nathan

… with Thomas

… on Lingoda

Lingoda have partnered with Thinking in English recently!

You can take a 1-week Free Trial (3 free English classes) using this link – or the code THINKINGENGLISH

Or sign up for their language sprint (and potentially get 60 free English classes) using this link – or the code THINKINGENGLISH20

Join an Event (or Make Your Own) on Discord

If you think Conversation Clubs are the only events on Discord… you are mistaken! We have many chat rooms with English learners discussing travel or food, debating Thinking in English episodes, and even playing wordle together.

Thomas Brock runs regular free chats and question & answer sessions!

And every week there are events run and organised by Thinking in English members.

We often have free chats and conversations on Saturdays, discussions about art, music, and culture on Mondays, and chats about Thinking in English episodes on Wednesdays!

As a member of Thinking in English, you can also make your own events on Discord! Organise an IELTS study group, an English book club, a games evening, or any event you would like. Just send me a message on Discord and I’ll give you the powers to make events and organise members!

What Next for Conversation Club?

We think the conversation clubs have been really successful over the past few months, be we are looking to keep improving and developing the events!

We are planning…

  • More conversation clubs! Now I’m out in Asia (potentially long term) I’ll be able to organise clubs at times that are better for people in Asia and South America!
  • More Tutors in the Discord server – we want more tutors in our server and conversation clubs to answer your questions and make your experience better
  • More event types – shorter conversation clubs? Discussions about thinking in English episodes organised by me? Regular free chat sessions run by me?
  • Better topics and questions!

Thank you all and see you on Tuesday May 9th!

By Tom Wilkinson

Host and founder of Thinking in English, Tom is committed to providing quality and interesting content to all English learners. Previously a research student at a top Japanese university and with a background in English teaching, political research, and Asian languages, Tom is now working fulltime on bettering Thinking in English!

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