This week the ‘Thinking in English’ Community is talking about responsible tourism!

Many people around love to travel to all sorts of places, but as travel becomes easier, the crowds get bigger! Big crowds of tourists lead to many problems.

Responsible tourism is all about respecting the local culture and customs, protecting the local environment, and supporting the local economy!

Here are 10 conversation questions to get you talking about responsible tourism!

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Conversation Questions: What is Responsible Tourism?!

1. What do you think responsible tourism means? 

2. What is the most touristy place that you visited? Was it too touristy? Why?

3. What are the biggest effects of mass tourism?

4. Is tourism a good thing or a bad thing for a local economy?

5. Does your hometown have too much tourism, or not enough?

6. How can people still travel without causing damage to the environment?

7. What can governments do to make tourism more responsible?

8. What can tourists do to be more responsible?

9. Do you think tourism will become more responsible in the future?

10. “The average tourist wants to go to places where there are no tourists.”

—  Sam Ewing

What do you think of this quote?

Vocabulary List:

  • Responsible
    •  having good judgment and the ability to act correctly and make decisions on your own
  • Tourism
    • the business of providing services such as transport, places to stay, or entertainment for people who are on holiday
  • Touristy
    • A touristy place is not attractive because a lot of tourists visit it and it is full of things for them to buy and do
  • Mass
    • having an effect on or involving a large number of people or forming a large amount
  • Local Economy
    • The businesses, industries, and overall wealth of a place
Many popular tourist destinations can be too touristy.
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Spending money in a local shop is a way to support the local economy.
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Model Answers:

B1 (Intermediate) Model Answers

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B2 (Upper Intermediate) Model Answers

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C1 (Advanced Level) Model Answers

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See you all at this week’s conversation club!

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