This week the ‘Thinking in English’ Community is talking about giving to charity!

Charity has existed for a long time, and it can have many forms. People give their money, their things and their time to support others who need help.

As well as personal charity, there are countless charitable organisations that work locally and globally. Governments themselves also donate both at home and abroad.

Here are 10 conversation questions to get you talking about giving to charity!

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Conversation Questions: Do You Give to Charity?! 

1. Do you give to charity? Why/Why not?

2. What charity organisations do you know of or support?

3. Would you like to work for a charity? Why/Why not?

4. Do you ever worry about where where your donation goes?

5. Does your government give enough to charity? Does it give too much?

6. What is the best thing to donate? Money, items, or your time?

7. What do you think of companies or celebrities that ask people to donate their money?

8. Do you think one day we won’t need charities?

9. Is it better to support local or global charitable organisations?

10. “Charity begins at home.”

What do you think this quote means and do you agree with it?

Vocabulary List:

  • Charity
    • an organisation whose purpose is to give money, food, or help to those who need it, or to carry out activities such as medical research that will help people in need, and not to make a profit
  • Donation
    • money or goods that are given to help a person or organisation, or the act of giving them
  • Donate
    • to give money or goods to help a person or organisation
  • Company
    • an organisation that sells goods or services in order to make money
  • Celebrity
    • someone who is famous, especially in the entertainment business
  • Local
    • from, existing in, serving, or responsible for a small area, especially of a country
  • Global
    • relating to the whole world, or multiple countries
Giving people free food is a common form of charity.
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Many people donate their old or unwanted clothes.
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Model Answers:

B1 (Intermediate) Model Answers

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B2 (Upper Intermediate) Model Answers

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C1 (Advanced Level) Model Answers

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See you all at this week’s conversation club!

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