Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episodes Exclusive for Patreon Subscribers!

The Thinking in English podcast proudly presents our Patreon subscription benefits, designed exclusively for our listeners seeking an even deeper connection with the English language.

Introducing: Bonus Episodes

There are now over 50 exclusive Patreon bonus episodes available to all Patreon subscribers! I understand that language learning is a complicated and long-term journey, and that’s why I’ve crafted these extra-special episodes to give you a unique advantage on your path to mastering English.

Unlock Hours of Content

With your Patreon subscription, you gain instant access to an expansive library of bonus episodes.

Each episode is meticulously created with the aim of delving into niche English grammar intricacies, expanding your vocabulary horizons, and providing insightful glimpses into personal topics.

Other Episodes

I also like to give my Patreon subscribers some more personal topics – for example, things I’m interest in, updates about my life, and insights into our team.

Some previous topics include

Transcripts for Enhanced Learning

I believe in the power of comprehensive learning, and that’s why every bonus episode comes complete with full transcripts.

You can find the transcripts on Patreon and here on the blog!

Immerse yourself in the language, listen to the episodes, and follow along with the transcripts to truly absorb the nuances of English.

Multiple Listening Platforms

I understand the importance of flexibility in consuming content. My bonus episodes are conveniently available for you to listen to on Patreon’s platform, through a custom RSS feed on most podcast platforms, and now on Spotify! This means you can seamlessly enjoy your bonus content on the go, wherever you are.

  • Patreon Exclusive Feed: Gain entry to our private Patreon feed, where the entire library of bonus episodes and interactive transcripts awaits you. The feed is accessible directly through Patreon, ensuring you can enjoy the content anytime, anywhere.
  • Custom RSS Feed: Add the bonus episodes into your favourite podcast app using our custom RSS feed. This means you can listen on the go, just like you would with any other podcast, while enjoying the exclusivity of Patreon content.

Behind-the-Scenes Access:

Get an exclusive backstage pass to the inner workings of the Thinking in English podcast.

Our bonus episodes also include intriguing behind-the-scenes content, offering you a unique glimpse into how we create our engaging episodes and curate top-notch language learning experiences.

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Remember, your journey to English mastery is our journey too. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together, one bonus episode at a time!

Stay tuned, stay engaged, and keep Thinking in English!

Disclaimer: The Thinking in English podcast reserves the right to modify and update the content and benefits associated with the Patreon subscription tiers as needed