Announcing Spotify Podcasts for Our Patreon Subscribers

After months of waiting, Thinking in English Patreon subscribers can now enjoy our exclusive bonus episodes on the popular streaming platform Spotify!

Over 75% of my audience uses Spotify to listen to Thinking in English episodes. And now, with a few simple steps, you can access over 50 extra episodes!

In this article, I’ll introduce my bonus episodes, tell you how to become a patron, and how you can listen to bonus episodes!

What are Bonus Episodes?

For those new to Thinking in English, bonus episodes are special content created exclusively for our Patreon subscribers.

These episodes dive deep into various aspects of the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more. They are designed to provide you with unique insights and help you on your path to mastering English.

Other episodes give you exclusive and intimate access to the world of Thinking in English – personal topics, update episodes, and episodes made by other members of the Thinking in English team!

How the Spotify Integration Works?

Patreon have now partnered with Spotify!

And now accessing my bonus episodes even more convenient for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Join Patreon: If you’re not already a Patreon subscriber, you’ll need to become one to access our bonus episodes. It’s easy to sign up on our Patreon page.
  • Link Your Accounts: Once you’ve joined Patreon, you can link your Patreon and Spotify accounts. This connection allows you to access our bonus episodes directly on Spotify.
  • Enjoy on Spotify: After linking your accounts, you can find our bonus episodes on Spotify. Look for the “Thinking in English Bonus Podcast” and start listening to exclusive content that’s tailored to English learners like you.

How to Join Patreon?

Joining Patreon is a very simple process:

  • Visit our Patreon page.
  • Choose your subscription tier. We offer various tiers to suit different preferences and budgets.
  • Follow the instructions to create your Patreon account and complete your subscription.
  • Once subscribed, you can link your Patreon and Spotify accounts to start enjoying our bonus episodes on Spotify.

Other Ways to Listen to Bonus Episodes!

While Spotify integration offers a convenient way to access our bonus episodes, we understand that you might prefer other platforms.

That’s why we provide multiple options for listening:

  • Patreon Platform: Access the bonus episodes directly on Patreon’s platform, where you’ll find our private feed with the entire library of exclusive content.
  • On the Blog: I directly embed audio podcasts and transcripts here on the Thinking in English Blog. Here is the Patreon Podcast Page!
  • Custom RSS Feed: If you prefer using your favourite podcast app, you can add our bonus episodes to it using our custom RSS feed. This allows you to listen on the go, just like any other podcast.

Recent Bonus Episodes!

Get Started Now

With the new Spotify integration, it is easier than ever for my Patreon subscribers to access exclusive content.

Join Patreon today and start exploring our bonus episodes on Spotify.

Stay tuned, stay engaged, and keep Thinking in English!

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By Tom Wilkinson

Host and founder of Thinking in English, Tom is committed to providing quality and interesting content to all English learners. Previously a research student at a top Japanese university and with a background in English teaching, political research, and Asian languages, Tom is now working fulltime on bettering Thinking in English!

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