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This week the ‘Thinking in English’ Community is talking about the foreign language effect!

Learning a foreign language has many benefits, research suggests it really makes your smarter! However, than can be side effects of thinking in a new language.

Do we think and behave differently when we are speaking a new language? Does bilingualism effect our personality? These are all vital questions!

Here are 10 conversation questions to get you talking about the foreign language effect!

Conversation Questions: The Foreign Language Effect

1. How often do you think in English?

2. How differently do you think in English compared to your native language?

3. Do you think our native language influences our way of thinking?

4. Has your decision-making improved since you started learning English?

5. Do you think that your personality changes when you speak English?

6. Has learning a second language improved your memory?

7. Do you think more carefully, when thinking in a second language?

8. Does learning a second language make you smarter?

9. Should all children learn a foreign language at school?

10. “To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.”

What do you think this quote means? Do you agree with it?

Vocabulary List:

  • Often
    • many times
  • Compare
    • to examine or look for the difference between two or more things
  • Native
    • relating to or describing someone’s country or place of birth or someone who was born in a particular country or place
  • Influence
    • to affect or change how someone or something develops, behaves, or thinks
  • Personality
    • the type of person you are, shown by the way you behave, feel, and think
  • Memory
    • the ability to remember information, experiences, and people
A woman compares to shirts.
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There are many games that can improve your memory.
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Model Answers:

B1 (Intermediate) Model Answers


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B2 (Upper Intermediate) Model Answers

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C1 (Advanced Level) Model Answers

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See you all at this week’s conversation club!

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